Winfield Education Foundation

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Our thoughts are with our families, staff, local business owners and employees during this difficult time. We are fortunate to be part of a generous and caring community and inspired to see people come together and support one another. As you purchase goods, services, or gift cards during this challenging time for our local businesses, please consider supporting the businesses that have supported our school. See a list on the Our Partners page and let us know if there are names to add.

Partnership Spotlight

Thank you to our school directory and drama playbill sponsors! Your support directly impacts students and staff at School District 34!

The Winfield Education Foundation (WEF), a volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) organization, aims to raise and grant funds for programs that enhance and enrich District 34 students’ educational opportunities. Our vision is to partner with school administration, community and local business leaders, and the Parent Teacher Organization to support our community in becoming an incubator of ideas and innovation that fosters advancements in education.

Building strong partnerships with community members and businesses will help us align fundraising efforts with the district’s priorities, supporting projects that further its mission. We invite you to email us or talk with one of our board members to learn more about partnership opportunities and how we are working to serve our local community.

We appreciate your support and extend our heartfelt gratitude to our current business partners.

Upcoming events seeking sponsors

We are currently seeking business to support our largest family fundraiser - Tiger Run 2020, which we hope to still hold later this year. Please visit the "Get Involved" page for details and thanks for considering!

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