Community spotlight

News from our partners

  • Aurelio's Pizza Wheaton/Winfield is hiring! Check out opportunities at this local restaurant.

  • Winfield Park District has spring break camps available, including a volleyball camp.

  • Berger Bros Pub announces Whiskey & Wine Wednesdays! Wednesday Dinner Hours: 5:00-10:00 (kitchen closes at 9:00). Check out our dinner menu on our FB page.

  • One of our local dentist offices, Park Dental Care, shares a message for Children's Dental Health Month - part of being healthy and strong is taking good care of your teeth. It's pretty easy to fit teeth health into your day: brush in the morning before going to school, brush at night before going to bed, choose healthy snacks and visit the dentist twice a year. Watch yourself in the mirror to make sure you brush every single tooth. When you get permanent molars, around age 6-7 and 12-13--see the dentist for sealants right after they have grown in. A sealant is a liquid that is painted on the top of the tooth, it flows down into the deep grooves, a special blue light shines on the sealant to make it bond into the grooves. This keeps sugary and sticky food and liquid from getting into those grooves and causing a cavity. Wishing you a happy, healthy smile! Dr. Evelyn Maggos, DDS, Park Dental Care (Geneva Rd & Delano St)

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